Dear Kickstarter, we are kicking and screaming

27 Jan

Sometimes I’m indecisive. Actually, I can’t really even decide if I should say sometimes or all the times, but I’m pretty sure the times I’m indecisive outweigh the times I know with all certainty of anything. In this case, Erica and I are kicking and screaming and writing for Kickstarter. I don’t know why I loathe the artist statement. I guess I feign to be diagramatic I prefer space and observation. But how do other people see it? Do they prefer close up or far away descriptions? Personally, I always prefer to take at least three to five steps back from where I think the details are. The sense of claustrophobia disappears.
I am definitely not claustrophobic. I mean we are making a big cave. But I like space when it comes to being particular. If I could, I would blow a big tough bubblegum bubble with helium and send myself upwards, take a vacay from the miopic- where macro explanations abound . So- here goes- this is what we have so far to give to Kickstarter. Feel free to comment:
‘One day we were having a moment where we were sharing our memories and past and talking about how memories and past shapes who we are but it also shapes who we aren’t. The thing we both find so fascinating is that, although we all have our own unique histories the human experience is universal- but for some reason, it is the least talked about thing among people. These deep caverns of our psyche’s is where everyone’s personal dreamcatcher lies and collects unanswered calls for hope, personal truths and manifested dreams.  Conscious experiences belong to slipstreams of awareness, and these streams are part of nature’s process.
In stories, wishes etc. We try to depict this inner sanctum, and transformative process in the gallery. A nostalgiac landscape much like a secret cave or nest, is our a fantasy adaptation of nature that is like our psyche’s a dream catcher. We took inspiration from cocoons, and the nostalgiac nature of symbols, clothing and objects The hidden ground of our experiences is the deep source of our inspiration and transformation. In the safe nest of the space we provide an environment for people to embrace paradox and contradiction- good and evil, life and death, hope and despair. Embroidered on the fabric walls and ceiling of the cave are a narrative depiction of collected bits of memories and wishes that we have been and are collecting from people. But the wishing hasn’t stopped we are currently collecting wishes- and will be throughout the show- Wishes can be left in the cave in exchange for a handcrafted geode which are interactive and uncovered by cracking and unraveling through it’s fabric and wax encasement. This serves as a souvenier- as proof- a flagship- of your own vulnerable intention set in the deep psyche crazy art house cave thing installation we made.


The materials we work with are common items and vary based on what is available to us. Although, a lot of them are gotten via thrifting and dumpster diving and donations- there is still much scavenging that needs done. Some things just arent’ free. We still need hot glue, embroidery supplies, housepaint, …… Not to mention a two week period where we take time away from our full time jobs to install in the gallery.’

OH DEar readers: So what do you think?  I REALLYY REALLY REALLY NEED YR HELP


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