16 Mar

I am in the constant fluctuation of a state of raw and well done. Erica and I worked all weekend on the Kickstarter video, I was not prepared for the kids birthday on the 15th and I only had half my head and heart in the room with two dear friends who visit from Indiana only never enough— but  Here I am- still trying to get it posted late into the night on Wednesday. It is slowly loading, as I type the green bar creeps. All I can think about is doing something in the analog world.  Make some synergy- cause some alchemy… These most recent days spent huddled over my computer in all my spare time editing video, writing grants, writing artists statements, are about to commence- and still, there is no time like the present.  You can prepare and prepare and prepare again, but there is nothing like starting- nothing like right now. Everything  you need to know is already inside you- you just have to get started on getting out of your head… manifest your urges, and follow their leads…. one creative act begets another and another and another.


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